Ready to meet your video production needs

I am a Chicago-based videographer, editor, and producer, with a passion for innovative and compelling storytelling through the medium of video. My experience with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, as well as professional video equipment, can be a great asset to your video production needs.

Most recently, I worked at Presence Health, where I recorded, edited, and produced dozens of news stories and special event videos, from instructional medical videos to direct messages from the CEO. In this position, I worked with a team to create a media release organization system and a system to help track video production schedules. I also received a Telly Award, a national award that, "showcases the best work created within television and across video, for all screens" for a fundraising video that I produced.

I have over ten years of experience with camera work, video editing, and producing, with the majority of content relating to corporate interviews, promotions, and event coverage. This experience includes working on a contractual basis with companies to help plan their video production. I have also been working with the YouTube Onsite Director program to produce thirty-second promotions for businesses.

I have a Bachelor's in Graphic Design with a background in video production from North Central College and a Master's in Communication focusing on Digital Media and Storytelling from Loyola University Chicago.