24th Annual Communicator Awards Video Distinction Jeff Chow Streetwise
One Magazine at a Time aims to inform the people of Chicago about the nonprofit, Streetwise, and their vendors. Streetwise, provides Chicagoans in need with, “a hand up, not a handout.” By engaging the unemployed and underemployed as vendors, Streetwise, is able to personalize the face of Chicago’s poor while, at the same time, providing them with a viable income opportunity.
Streetwise Vendors
The people that come to Streetwise looking for a job have a variety of backgrounds. Some people have a criminal history, substance abuse issues, or perhaps they just can't find a job. But, the thing that everyone has in common who comes to Streetwise is that they are looking to try to get their lives back on track. The doors at Streetwise are open to everyone who is looking for a "hand up and not a handout."

Streetwise Staff
Streetwise magazine is among the largest “street papers” in the United States and serves as a model for street papers across North America. Its staff have received numerous national, state, and local awards for the quality of Streetwise offerings, its service to the homeless population of Chicago, and its importance to the community in general.